The question was about why Sam is not affected by holy water even though he has demon blood in him (x).

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I seriously wish Sebastian and Ciel would just hurry up and make out, like Yana isn’t even hiding her passion for this ship anymore

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If people actually explained their road rage by Josh Peck

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five nights at freddys more like


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Costume DesignThe Fifth Element (1997)

by Jean Paul Gaultier

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screencap meme:
castiel + faceless
requested by anonymous

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Iconic Disney Moments (As suggested by my followers)
3/?? - Simba taking his place on Pride Rock
(Suggested by angelwingedwolf )

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girls don’t want boys, girls want a soaking wet natalie dormer telling katie mcgrath to do her

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romeo oh romeo can thou telleth me if i am thy bae or naw

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My 99 year old great grandfather was at my house for Christmas and we were watching cake boss because it’s his favourite show, except it was already recorded so I fast forwarded through the commercial and my grandpa screamed and said “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? ARE YOU TIME TRAVELLING?? ELLIE YOU CAN’T DO THAT”

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:Kristen Stewart photographed by Sebastian Kim for Vanity Fair France, September 2014

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Jensen: Ten Inch Hero also has a special place in my heart, since it’s where Danneel and I fell in love

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